Payment Processing

  • Accept Cryptocurrency in your website
  • Sell your crytocurrency online and withdraw into your bank account
  • Leading Cryptocurrency exchange market in Africa
  • Direct Carrier Billing Enabled
  • Payment with Card (Coming Soon)

Cryptocurrency payment to Nigerian banks and for all Nigerian users are currently disabled
Accept bitcoin payment
Payment Processing

Our payment processing allows your clients pay you with either cryptocurrency or their airtime credit in their phone line. Please note that we do not accept card payment

airtime data
Global Airtime / Data Topup

Topup your airtime and data for yourself or for your friend in any part of the world. Request airtime or data from your loved ones and get instant top up at any time. It is easy to get started

bill payment
Simplified Bill Payment

Pay your electricity, water bills and other utility bills from the comfort of your homes

virtual card
Virtual Card

Protect your bank account while making payment online. Use our virtual cards to make payment online. Load only the amount you need to pay while making payment

Coming Soon: Payment Processing with ATM Cards

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